Explore the fascinating world of frequencies, vibrations, and the Earth's resonant energy in this enlightening episode. Dive into the science behind Schumann Resonance, discover the power of high vibes, and learn how to align with the universe's natural rhythms for enhanced well-being. Tune in to elevate your understanding of the energetic forces that shape our lives.

Episode 049 – Resonance

“All of our thoughts, wills, and emotions are constantly being projected outward into the universe.” 

Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration.

Everything in the Universe is in a constant state of movement. These movements are referred to as vibrations.

The speed or rate of vibration is called frequency. And, from the moment life began on Earth, the planet has had its own natural frequency.

This frequency enhances the body’s natural healing processes and reduces stress and inflammation.

As humans evolved, we became more in tune with the Earth’s natural vibrations.

If you think about it, these energies have been explained for centuries in different forms: Auras, halos, chakras, etc.

In Episode 049, I talk about the Schumann Resonance, the Hierarchy of Vibrations, and how raising our vibrations immediately changes our lives for the better.

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Hey everyone, welcome to Episode 49… I hope you’re having a great week. 

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Okay, so a bit of housekeeping before we start. I never officially announced the start of Season 4, I just started posting episodes. It began with the first day of summer episode and then the one year anniversary of the show back in July and well, I just kept going.

The other thing you may have noticed is that there have been no guest episodes. I have steered away from those at this point because I just felt that there was no continuity. Originally, I thought they were a great way to break up the monotony of me rambling every week, but it all felt disjointed.

I will say, I love the Strong Coffee. Strong Women segment and will bring it back in the near future. In the mean time and until further notice, you get me. 

Let’s get to today’s show. It’s all about energy. Frequency. Vibrations.


[Phone Vibrating]

The iPhone… typically, this vibration is around 140 Hz. 

Why does that matter? 

Well, because as Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” Few would argue Albert was a pretty smart dude.

According to the The Law of Vibration:

Everything in the universe is in a constant state of movement. These movements are referred to as vibrations. The speed or rate of vibration is called frequency. 

And, from the moment life began on Earth, the planet has had its own natural frequency. In 1952, a German physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann gave this  frequency a name…his name… he called it the Schumann Resonance.  

What is it? 

Well, At any given moment, 20,000 active thunderstorms are popping all across the earth producing approximately 50 flashes of lightning every second. 

Each flash of lightning produces electromagnetic waves that then begin to circle the earth, trapped between the earth’s surface and the lower edge of the ionosphere about 60 miles up. Some of these waves join together and increase in strength. When that happens, they create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann Resonance. 

In order for this Resonance to occur, the wave lengths have to be two to three times as long as the circumference of the earth. 

I know what you’re thinking. What is the earths’s circumference? The circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles. 

That’s a long freaking wavelength which produces a very low frequency. 7.83 Hz to be exact. 

For a point of reference, the lowest note on a standard piano is the low A at 27.5Hz. 

My iPhone… 140Hz. See what I did there? 

What’s it do? The Schumann Resonance.

Well, some believe it enhances the body’s natural healing processes and reduces stress and inflammation. As humans evolved, we became more in tune with the Earth’s natural vibrations.

If you think about it, these energies have been explained for centuries in different forms: Auras, halos, chakras, etc.

Now, if we reference the Law of vibration as it pertains to us as humans suggests that all of our thoughts, our wills, our emotions are constantly being projected outward into the universe. Each has a corresponding rate and mode of vibration. The higher the vibration, the longer lasting the effects are. The lower the vibration, the more potent the effects are in the short term.

Joy, love, and peace run on higher frequencies. Grief, anger and guilt, are lower frequencies.

Scientific studies show that the human brain reaches its ultimate potential for health and wellness when it resonates with the Earth’s 7.83-hertz frequency. These studies also show that our physical and mental health benefit when we stay in sync with the Earth’s natural frequency.

What do you think I’m gonna say next? 

Yep… current studies show that frequencies emitted from modern technology like electrical appliances, TVs, mobile phones [insert vibration sound effect] and Wi-Fi, are interfering with our body’s ability to stay in sync with the Earth’s natural vibrations. 

This interference can have negative affects on the body’s immune system, our energy levels and it can alter our sleep patters and interfere with the quality of sleep we end up with, contributing to the levels of stress and anxiety in our modern cultural experience. 


Act 3: What do we do about it? 

As it stands, we know everything in life is vibration. Just vibrations. The Universe is neutral. We interpret and project the vibrations. The good and bad duality gets decided by us, our perspective, our circumstances and our beliefs. 

Again, The Universe is just the universe. It’s neutral. 

But there is a bit of analysis that has been compiled to explain how our own vibrations organize themselves for lack of a better term. It’s called the Hierarchy of Vibrations. 

This chart, if you will, is illustrated by an upward spiral and a downward spiral. 

At the base of the upward spiral you’ll find contentment, belief, positive expectations and hopefulness. Near the top of the spiral and the highest vibrations, you’ll find, unsurprisingly, love, joy, the feeling of being empowered, and freedom.

Conversely with the downward spiral at it’s base you’ll find pessimism, worry, doubt, and frustration. As the spiral continues downward past anger, guilt, jealousy, and insecurity, you end up at the direct opposite of freedom, powerlessness. 

In between the upward spiral and downward spiral, you find apathy and boredom. 

Again, now that we’re aware of such things as the Schumann Resonance and the Hierarchy of Vibrations, what do we do to function in sync with the natural frequency of the earth and keep our own vibrations at the higher end of the spectrum. 

Well, knowing that joy, love, empowered, and optimism are some of the highest-frequency emotions and fear, anger, insecurity, and jealousy are some of the lowest, try to picture these emotions as if they’re rungs on a ladder.

As in real life, it would be unrealistic to to think you could go from the bottom rung to the top in one move. Same with the Hierarchy of Vibrations. Don’t expect to leap from grief or anger… to joy at the top of the ladder.

But… maybe you acknowledge that your feeling that grief or anger and in response, reach for the very next rung. 

If you’re feeling shame or frustration, moving up to apathy is progress. I know that sounds silly, but it’s upward movement. And that’s progress. 

So, I got way into this and wanted to know what actionable steps could be taken to raise our vibrations. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how stupid easy it is. Easy is good, right?

The first one is exactly what I just talked about. 

Realistic expectations. Thinking you’re going to jump from shame or insecurity to joy is an unrealistic expectation and it’s just setting you up for disappointment. Set a small, achievable goal up the ladder. 

Once you’ve set your expectations, improve your odds by engaging in high-vibration activities. Exercise. Take a long walk. Get out into nature. 

I just heard a statistic from Neil Pasricha (Puzz-ree-chuh): Author of the Happiness Equation: Neil said in America today, we have the lowest ever levels of nature exposure in children. American Time Use Study found 7% of a kid’s day is spent outside. 7! Multiply that by 7 days and you get 49%. That means in one weeks time, a kid in modern America has spent less than half-a-day outside. 

Okay… high-vibration activities… meditation… however it looks to you. Try it. Keep a journal or start your day with morning pages. If you don’t know about morning pages, check out a book called The Aritist’s Way by Julia Cameron. 

Find high-vibrating people and go hang around them. Surround yourself with people who emit a positive energy. Distance yourself from those who pull you down with their energy.

Practice gratitude. Start and end your day by recognizing what you have. What and who you’re grateful for. So often we only focus on what we perceive is lacking in our lives… flip the script. Focus on what you do have.

Help others. When you feel stuck or unsure about how to get yourself out of a funk, go help someone who is in the same position. There is always someone who can use a lift. It can be as simple as a phone call.

And lastly, with all of this, knowing that your progress isn’t linear helps you stay positive when you experience the hiccups. You’ll still have bad days. We all do. None of this is Pollyanna, pie in the sky. Bad things happen. We all experience grief and anger and jealousy at times. That’s life. 

But… we don’t have to dwell there. We don’t have to allow those emotions or our surroundings to zap us of our higher vibrations. 

[Phone vibrating]

Sorry… I gotta get this. 



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