Episode 008 – Pepe Cheires: Photography World Champ

“Pepe, if you’re gonna take the photos of the [whale]? It’s right now or never. Because it’s right now, it’s happening right now.”

You know the photo I’m talking about. That once-in-a-lifetime shot that makes you question whether or not it’s even real.

The one that causes you to wonder just how long the photographer had to wait to get it?  How much preparation went into being in the right place at the right time?

La Empalagosa - winner of the World Photographic Cup photo contest. Photo shows a large grey whale just below the surface of the water gently pushing a boat full of passengers. Photo was taken from above by a drone, shot by by Joseph Cheires

Now imagine that the photo you took is selected as one of the best photos in the world.

That’s Joseph Ruiz Cheires or Pepe Cheires as he’s known.  As a member of Team Mexico, his photo and a handful of others were selected as the best in the world at the 2020 Photography World Cup in Rome, Italy.

Pepe joined me live, across the table to talk about the photo and so much more.

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About Pepe

Joseph “Pepe” Cheires is a photographer and entrepreneur from Puebla, Mexico. He now resides in Loreto, Mexico. In his own words:

Everyone calls me Pepe, I am a young entrepreneur. I was born in Tehuacan, Puebla, I continue to design my own photographic styles. Aerial photography was my inspiration and with it for the first time I entered this art.

Since I photographed my first sunrise, I never stopped chasing them, photography has become a space of peace for me, in addition, it is a great passion in which I have managed to focus my 5 senses and for which, I always diverted by go out to find this peace, no matter where or when.


[00:00:00] Chris: All right, time to unset. How you doing today? How you feeling? That’s enough, small talk. Let’s get after it.

[00:00:11] Hola Amigos. Hello and welcome to episode eight of The Mind Unset. We are over halfway through season one and I can’t believe it today. I got a very special guest live and in person, Pepe Cheires is a photographer and filmmaker who just won the 2022 World Photography Cup. In Rome, Italy Pepe’s photo was selected as one of the best in the world.

[00:00:33] It’s spectacular. And you can find it in the show notes at themindunset.com. He sat down with me to talk about that once in a lifetime shot. Now Pepe and I were both a little outside of our comfort zones on this one. He was speaking English and I was doing my best to accommodate him with some questions in my subpar Spanish.

[00:00:50] But Hey, this is what The Mind Unset is all about – putting it out there. All right. Enough of me enjoy my conversation with Pepe Cheires.

[00:01:02] Thanks for being here. Pepe. It’s good to see you, man. 

[00:01:05] Pepe: Oh, thank you so much, Chris, for the opportunity to be here with you in this nice project that you have, and you are beginning in this. Beautiful place in Loreto and I’m very happy for you. Thank you so much for inviting me. And I hope we enjoyed this.

[00:01:20] Talk about the photography. 

[00:01:21] Chris: Oh man. That’s awesome. Thanks. How’s your coffee? It’s good. Ah, it’s good. 

[00:01:24] Pepe: Excellent. It’s really good. Excellent. Thank you so much. Yeah. Thank you too. 

[00:01:28] Chris: Yes. Thanks the shout out to Jaime who’s , Pepe’s here. What you can’t see in radio world is he’s agreed.

[00:01:35] He’s Pepe is a photographer and a filmmaker, and we’re gonna get into all that, but he’s brought his entire camera rig with him to shoot this. So it’s, it’s pretty cool. Morning. We’ve we’ve got some great stuff going on and, Jaime is his right hand, man. So he’s here helping with the tech end of it.

[00:01:49] So just to get started tell us, tell everyone what, what you do. What’s your background. You’re an award-winning photographer, but what do you do? 

[00:01:57] Pepe: Well you know it’s a long story. always when I was when I was a teenager I never thought never cross for my mind the photography, like I’m a professional, you know, it was just like a a, just a hobby.

[00:02:09] It was just a passion. And when I was a teenager, I was studying just for, you know, for fixed computers and for I was working in the government. So I need, in that time I was needing to, to study something, something about that, you know and I was studying in, in other, you know, relations public relations.

[00:02:27] Yeah. Something like that, you know, mm-hmm so basically when I came to KA. To Luka was here in Mexico. It’s just for, just for funny, you know, I was, I was trying to, to do something different. And I was, I was the, the management of the, this mall commercial mall. Mm-hmm, in the very, the most important commercial mall in, in, in Kawa Lucas sometimes, sometimes happen when, when you have a lot of work and you are with a lot of stress and everything.

[00:02:55] So always you try to find escape, you know? Sure. Yeah. Yeah. One day I just decided. To buy a a drone, 

[00:03:02] Chris: a drone, a drone. Yeah. That was started with the drone. Yes. Wow. 

[00:03:05] Pepe: I, I am. That’s, that’s a, that’s the different part or the different thing that I have with different photographers, because always when you are, when you are trying to, to be a photographer, always you started with a, you know, with a camera, you 

[00:03:23] Chris: Sr different film camera back.

[00:03:24] Pepe: And exactly. So. In my case, it was a 

[00:03:28] Chris: drone. So you started at the back end. Yes. Most people start with the DSLR or 35 millimeter and then they move progress up to radio, full frame and everything. So man, that’s really interesting. 

[00:03:40] Pepe: Yeah. And also photographers here in Mexico. They, they, they told me, Hey man, how you, how you, how you made it, you started with a drone, not with a camera.

[00:03:49] So yeah. That’s amazing. How, how was that? You know, so it was amazing because When I bought is wrong, I was trying to, you know, I would like to do something different and I was trying to, just to go in, in, in different place here in Cabo mm-hmm here in Baur and you know, when you are trying to, to do something always you are trying to do something.

[00:04:10] With somebody, you know, you tried to share the patient. Yeah. So in that time, when I was in Luca was, I was just alone. You know, a friend of mine, he was, you know, he has . He was very funny because he had a girlfriend mm-hmm and when they finished the relation mm-hmm this guy was very depressed, you know, and he was very sick.

[00:04:33] And just one day I was, you know, I came to the, to the office and. Where is this guy, you know, for three days he was, he didn’t show up. Yeah. so I decided to go to to the house, you know, the mom’s house or, or this friend of mine. And when I saw him just laying in the bed, very sick and. Sad and depressed, very sad, depressed.

[00:04:59] And, and I told him, Hey, what’s going on, man? And he told me the truth is this, you know? And he, he told me about the, the girl, the girl and the breakup, the relationship. Yeah. And I was thinking I have a drunk, he have all the time. And I told him I have the best solution for you, came with me and let’s go to let’s go to make a, a trip here in Basu with the.

[00:05:23] And let’s go to take photos and let’s go to tape video, and let’s go to make something different, just yeah. Come with me and just let’s go. And that is how it started the, the, the follow, because 

[00:05:34] Chris: I was save a buddy from his breakup. Yeah. And there aren’t many better places. 

[00:05:39] Pepe: It’s a beautiful place. And this guy was very happy.

[00:05:41] Next day I saw in the, you know, my, my schedule in, in, you know, in the, in bar mm-hmm, . And I saw the calendar with this guy with all the next place that we need to go. I mean, he was very happy. He was very, he got hooked on, so yeah. Hey, he don’t need a doctor no more. 

[00:05:59] Chris: so, so, and, and how do you Rege, how do you reverse engineer that back to, because what you just did is you just won the world cup of photography competition in Rome.

[00:06:08] And when was that, that you started messing with the drone? What year was that? Do you. 

[00:06:12] Pepe: Yeah, it was in 2015. 

[00:06:15] Chris: Okay. So less seven years ago, seven years, seven years ago, you go from quote unquote, messing around with a drone. Exactly. Just because as a hobbyist too, mm-hmm within the seven years, you’ve you’ve just won the.

[00:06:28] World Mexico has just won the world photography world cup of photography. I mean that to me and if and anyone listening, if you, if you haven’t yet you go to Pepe’s Instagram page at @cheires. If you’re listening to this, you should check out his pictures on that page. But I’ll try this.

[00:06:46] I’ll try this question in Spanish, just because I, you know Quin Quent

[00:06:54] the photograph. Can you talk about, tell me about the world cup. Okay. Photography competi. Well, they deal 

[00:06:59] Pepe: with, with, with Chrisy was okay. You maybe. All your question in English and, but I have to try Spanish. 

[00:07:06] Chris: Yeah. He needs to try Spanish too. So that’s the beautiful thing is we’re both outside our comfort zone.

[00:07:10] You are outside 

[00:07:11] Pepe: your, but you need to know something. This, this is my. your biggest fear post serious seriously. So I am enjoying, 

[00:07:21] Chris: well, my biggest fear is to be, to try to do this in Spanish. So this is beautiful thing because that’s what The Mind Unset is about. Like, we’re both outside our comfort zones.

[00:07:30] We’re both in this huge fearful moment, but we’re gonna, we’re gonna get through it. Okay. Because it’s awesome. And you’re doing. You’re doing great. So, and you’re doing way better than I am with my Spanish, 

[00:07:41] Pepe: so, okay. We can, you can make the, the, the question in Spanish and I keep respond in English. Okay.

[00:07:47] Okay. That’s that’s a good practice for try doing for me’s. Okay, cool. Okay. Try it. Try. Just try it. 

[00:07:54] Chris: de de. 

[00:07:57] Pepe: Okay, well the world cup was nice. Yeah. The world cup was it was a great experience. It was the fierce time in my life that I have a cup in my hands and it’s a, it’s very. Exciting. I mean, when I was getting Loretto and, and, and all the team that they was in the, in, in, in different, in different places here in Mexico, you know, the world cup is traveling to, to Mexico and, and we need to receive to, we need to, to make a nice welcome to the, to the world cup.

[00:08:30] So, so they came here. So yeah, they came here and from, from Rome and it was a nice period. I never had in my hands, a work cup, you know, 

[00:08:41] Chris: and when I take it, I imagine it’s 

[00:08:43] Pepe: a beautiful trophy. Oh, it’s amazing. It was amazing. I was very falling in love with this cup, beautiful cup, you know, and, and I was, I was thinking, oh my God, War, 

[00:08:54] Chris: you know, the best in the world, the best world, the best in the world.

[00:08:58] It’s it’s, 

[00:08:59] Pepe: it’s a, I mean, I didn’t know that when I was here, but when I came to Mexico city, I was just like, oh my God, this is a, this is true. 

[00:09:08] Chris: So the workshop did you have to true? Did you have to submit photos? Like how does it happen to win? Did you have to, did they do. Okay. We need, you submit your photos and then the winner of, you know, those photos goes on to win this photo.

[00:09:20] And the winner of that goes on, is it that kind of a competition where, yeah, everyone, every country submits photos and then they just go down through a jury and they get 

[00:09:28] Pepe: judged. Yeah. Basically in the world cup, you need to participate with a team. Okay. You know, mm-hmm, because all the, all the countries in this case this year it was 35 countries.

[00:09:38] Mm-hmm so basically the process is just Mexico city. We have a you know, a commit here in Mexico city. So, so when you send your follow to the, to the commit here in Mexico, You know, with a George, they, they select all the photos and, and at the end they, they decide how many, how many photographers and how many photos?

[00:10:01] Well, the work of accept, just 18 photos. Oh, wow. Each 

[00:10:05] Chris: country. Okay. 18 photos per country, 18 photos 

[00:10:08] Pepe: just for country mm-hmm . And obviously, so you need to pass all the, all the process in the commit, because imagine. There are a lot of photographers here in Mexico, they send, or they receive like 5,000 sure.

[00:10:21] Follows mm-hmm and they need to decide just for 18 photos. Yeah. So it’s a, it’s a huge process. It’s a huge process. So. So when you pass this process, now you need to pass the fears, the fears how say Nicholas, when you are, you have the fears, the fear shoot, I mean, is the fears the first step, the first process, the first step.

[00:10:43] So the first step is in the world. Cup is okay. I receive 18 photos. Each country mm-hmm with 30, 30 country right now in this year. You know, there are six, seven categories. Mm-hmm, different categories here in, in the world cup. So the workup organization, they need to use just 10 photos, each category.

[00:11:05] Chris: Okay. So like politics, wildlife, 

[00:11:07] Pepe: exactly, exactly portraits portrait, you know, weddings. And in this case, my category was journalism. I mean, it was. A huge, huge process. Yeah. With, with all of these follows. And when they say, okay, the top 10 it’s. These photos, these photos, you know? Yeah. Yeah. So in this case, my follow was in the, in that category in the top 10 in journal.

[00:11:31] And you are finalists in that, in that part. Right? So in the awards, the, the, the ceremonial awards will be, you, you will, you will know what is your position, you know, and each position you have a points. So at the end, the country with more points. Okay. Depending of the, of the, of the position in your mm-hmm depending of the top, whoever has the 

[00:11:54] Chris: most points 

[00:11:55] Pepe: saw, we know who is the country or what is the country with more points and yeah.

[00:12:00] And the winner. 

[00:12:01] Chris: And so your photo was the gray whale plays with boat. Is that what it was titled is, is, or what do you call that photo? 

[00:12:08] Pepe: Well, the, the follow is we call it Algoa, that’s the name of the, of the, the great wave. So, okay. So we put it because it’s true. It exists that great way. Okay. So it’s not 

[00:12:20] Chris: Greece.

[00:12:20] No, 

[00:12:21] Pepe: it’s it’s a, it’s a great way. Okay. It’s a great, it’s a great way. But you know, the, the community in other followers material, they call Posa LA Posa. Posa, you know, in Posa in Mexico is like When you are giving a lot of love, love no, Love’s like a, sometimes you already. Okay. 

[00:12:38] Chris: Okay. And enough.

[00:12:39] Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:12:40] Pepe: So, so we call it in PAGA. Okay. In PGA, when, when, you know, when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and it’s just too clean CTG clean here and just, okay. Stop it. That that’s in PGOs okay. So, and they call it Inala because there’s this great way. It’s the. With the tourists. Yeah. Yeah. They came to the boat and you know, is playing around the boat.

[00:13:04] And it’s just, just with you all the time that you are in the boat. So it’s for that reason, it’s too much, too much, too much love. Yeah. , that’s 

[00:13:12] Chris: an amazing shot. Very sweety love. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s, it’s a, it’s a great, it’s amazing shot. Tell me about the day you got that photo. Where was it? Well, it 

[00:13:21] Pepe: was in 20, 20, 19 and 2019.

[00:13:26] And I, I was. Planning this trip, because we heard about this great wedding in, in 2018. Oh, 

[00:13:33] Chris: so this 

[00:13:34] Pepe: part, this particular, this particular way. Yes. We heard from the captains in with material, they told me I was with rich Richard Jackson. So, you know, to reach 

[00:13:42] Chris: another great photographer as long exactly the other bill Phelps that you guys, this.

[00:13:46] And Lauren Dick, 

[00:13:48] Pepe: there must be the crew, something you, the photography crew. 

[00:13:50] Chris: Yes. You guys are all the whole crew of photographs. So, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Go 

[00:13:54] Pepe: ahead. You were, yeah. So in 2018, we heard about this this great. And we was very excited because. You know, it’s amazing when somebody told me, Hey, do you know where is who is in Posa?

[00:14:07] And we was like maybe it’s the name of the boat or something, you know, mm-hmm and they, no, it’s a great word. And we call it in Posa because it’s very, very sweety with the, with the tourist and it’s playing around the boat and it’s just you know, just giving love mm-hmm to the people inside of the boat.

[00:14:25] And. But the, the particular thing with this great way she liked to push playing with, with the tourist, you know, she liked to push, she liked to push the boat, the boat. Yeah. Just, just with just playing with the tourist. Yeah. Gently just playing. Yeah. Just, and we was like it’s that true? They said, yeah, it’s true.

[00:14:48] Why you don’t came and take photos with this great way. And we was in that time, we was in the the season, the way season it was finished. So, so we decide to came to the next year. We heard from this captain to the great way it was coming for during two years. So the last two years it was came to, to, to Baha California through this great way.

[00:15:09] So for that reason, we decided, okay, maybe. Maybe she came, came again the next year. So yeah. So we can make a nice plan and we can decide to, to, to go back next year into 2018. So, and that’s it. So we was planning during, during the year. Yeah. You had the, how we were gonna, and you know, and one day we made the plan.

[00:15:30] It was, let’s go to the follow as materials. 4:00 AM early in the morning, 4:00 AM, 4:00 AM for him. From Loretto. Yeah. And so we lived Loretto 4:00 AM. We came. I think it was 6:30 AM in portal EST MAOS and we decide that time. And that schedule, because when you are flying the drone and you have the sun, when the sun is coming, coming up very high it’s you have the reflection on the water.

[00:15:56] So sometimes it’s tough to get a shot. Yeah. So it’s not really good sometimes for the photos. So we decide to, to use this song exactly. In the horizon, you know, and just with the fierce race of lie. Yeah. So it was funny because we was. We find you know, a group of, of coyotes in front of the, in front of the, in front of the dock Uhhuh.

[00:16:17] And, you know, do you know these dunes, sand dunes? Yeah. 

[00:16:22] Chris: Follow that’s where we went to see the whales, but we didn’t get to see ‘

[00:16:26] Pepe: em. Well, it was just imagine it was the more, it was in the morning with the fierce race. Yeah. The light. And there were coyotes and the coyotes, you know, a coyotes are. Playing in the, in the sand, in the sand dun.

[00:16:39] So it was beautiful. Yeah. So we was very happy because we talked about just 10 minutes ago and, and we find this, this beautiful spot with the, with the K with the Ks mm-hmm and it was very nice and we was very happy with that with very excited. So when we was taking the photos, other. Maybe five, 500 meters.

[00:17:05] Mm-hmm more to the north mm-hmm we heard, you know, the the scream. Yeah. You know, very excited. The people was very excited, just screaming. And we was like, what is happening? And the captain, he told me, pep you gonna, is you gonna take the photos from the OSA? It’s right. Or never. Wow, because it’s right now, it’s happening right now.

[00:17:27] The, the bank with the, with the, with the other boat. So in that moment, I just launched the drone. I was launching the drone and I was very nervous but when I saw the boat just in front of, you know, I sent, I flew the, the drone over the, over the boat. Mm-hmm and I, and I was taking a series of photographies, you know?

[00:17:48] Yeah. Just for trying to take something. So anyway, so I was watching, you know, in the screen mm-hmm and because you can, with the drone, you can, you have the stream in, in real time. Yeah. You have what is happening screen in front of you? Yes mm-hmm. so. I was watching the most beautiful event in my life. You know, it was, it was complicated for me because I, I, I saw just.

[00:18:11] Just the way behind of the boat. 

[00:18:14] Chris: Yeah. You don’t get this, but I don’t really beautiful image. You don’t see exactly. You just kind of, you get this vague image that you can direct, but you don’t see. Yes. The true magic of it yet. 

[00:18:24] Pepe: Right? Exactly. And the perspective was different because you know, I was flowing the the drone over the, the way mm-hmm and you cannot see how the whale is pushing the boat because you are following her.

[00:18:34] You, you know, in this perspective mm-hmm so in a vertical perspective, no, yeah. Directly above. Yeah. But when you saw just. With your eyes. Yeah. It was amazing how the boat is moving. Cause the green. 

[00:18:47] Chris: Okay. So yeah, what you’re saying is in real time, you’re seeing the boat moving, but you’re also trying to concentrate on keeping your drone anymore.

[00:18:54] Exactly. But, and you’re flying over water. So if you lose the drone, you not only lose the, the image, you lose your drone. Yes, exactly. You talk about you were stressed. 

[00:19:04] Pepe: Yeah. I was always, when I, when I flow the drone, I’m very nervous and every time, every, every time, because. It’s, you know, it’s sometimes it’s complicated over the sea, so yeah.

[00:19:15] Yeah, absolutely. So for that reason, I was very, very worried in that moment, but I was very nervous because, you know, I was under pressure because the captain did, he told me, Hey, you’re never fine again, you know, 

[00:19:25] Chris: was you like once in a 

[00:19:26] Pepe: lifetime shot? So, yeah, exactly. So I was free in the drone over the, the great way and, and it was amazing.

[00:19:33] I take this serious of follows and it was spectacular. How, how was when it’s happening? I saw in the screen how the gray was just, just coming down and coming up next side to the boat. And she was playing with the with the tourist, the tourist. It was to him, 

[00:19:54] Chris: you know? Yeah. Patting the whale, pat and the whale.

[00:19:56] And 

[00:19:56] Pepe: after that, just go to the deeper and disappear and disappear. Amazing. And I never saw that again, that event, it was. Maybe 40 seconds. I mean, it was very 

[00:20:12] Chris: fast when you get home, cuz you don’t you don’t see the image there cuz you’re in the boat. And even if you look in the boat, you’re not getting, you’re getting daylight affecting the screen.

[00:20:22] You’re not seeing the actual quality of the image. Are you nervous the whole way home or did you, did you know, did you know you had the shot? No, no, no. 

[00:20:30] Pepe: I, well I was very happy because I. I was with the stress. So I decided to turn off the, the drone and turn off everything and just take my camera and okay.

[00:20:39] You’re still taking photos with the coyotes. I need to recognize maybe I was thinking, I think I have a one photo, a nice photo. I think so, but I was just in my mind. So when we decide to come back to to hear to Loretto, so I came to the computer and the fear thing that I do, it was just take my, my, my SD car yeah.

[00:21:03] And came to the computer. And when I saw the photos, it was spectacular that I, that I was watching in my screen, you know, and. I was watching what is the best shot? So when I find the theater photo, it was spectacular. How, the way it was the third photo, you, the 

[00:21:25] Chris: fear photo, the third photo you took was the one.

[00:21:27] Yes, it was that you, that we see now that was the one. 

[00:21:31] Pepe: So I was very excited. I was happy because you know, you make a plan for a year and you got. The follow. So it was, it was, it was very, very, very, I don’t know how say it was very satisfied. 

[00:21:50] Chris: Maybe that’s what I was gonna, I didn’t want to add a word for you, but I, I, I can’t imagine because there are people that have been shooting for 30, 40 years that haven’t had that picture, you know?

[00:22:01] And I don’t even know the quote, but it’s where preparation meets luck. Mm-hmm is opportunity or something like that. Right. So you prepared. And then the universe gives you this moment and you got it. Yes. 

[00:22:12] Pepe: When I was in Tewa kind somebody told me maybe, maybe you have the opportunity because you have, you was very look and I say, yes, I was very look, but I was very low out there.

[00:22:29] Yeah. Because, because maybe. The universe CPI for absolutely. For this one. Mm-hmm but if you not take the trip 4:00 AM yeah. You know, and came to the bowl. Yeah. And just go to the bowl and plant into a year. You were lucky, you 

[00:22:45] Chris: were lucky, lucky, and maybe yes. You put, you put yourself in the position. 

[00:22:50] Pepe: Yeah.

[00:22:50] And maybe yes, we were very lucky, but we was very lucky there out there. Yeah. Because it was. It was all the plant, just yes. Gold, you know, 

[00:23:00] Chris: but, but if you, if you look at the greatest photos in history, couldn’t you say they were, everyone was lucky because it’s a moment in time. Mm-hmm right. It’s just a moment in time.

[00:23:10] Whether it’s a rocket launch, whether it’s. Anything that you’ve take an Eagle landing, whatever. Yeah. It’s a moment in time. And if you’re there to capture it, you can call that luck or you can call it an instinct or you can call it, you know, like your talent. I call it, I call it 

[00:23:30] Pepe: planning, planning, planning.

[00:23:32] Mm-hmm preparation. Preparation. Yeah, because it’s, it’s, it’s just that, I mean, If you don’t have a nice plan, always I say the best plan is that the plan that you are doing always. Yeah. You know, so it doesn’t matter if the plan is fair. It doesn’t matter if, if you, you, if you cannot finish the plan, but you need to execute the plan 

[00:23:57] Chris: always.

[00:23:58] And just the fact that you’re doing it exactly. And it’s the process, 

[00:24:01] Pepe: it’s the process and just waiting for the next, you know? Yeah. 

[00:24:05] Chris: And you had you, I think this is just my interpretation, but because you spent time planning, you were rewarded. With that shot mm-hmm because there are a hundred other photographers that didn’t go out there that day in the boat.

[00:24:21] Yeah, exactly. And it’s not easy and they sit there and think, oh, I wish I was there. I wish I took that shot, but you were there and you put yourself there and that’s you wrote something that and I wanna, I wanna quote it. It was on your Facebook page. And. I, I think it’s really powerful. So are you okay if I read it?

[00:24:42] Yeah, yeah, yeah. It says “I’m a Mexican photographer, I believe in life. And she has given me everything, but she has given it to me out there”, which is exactly what you said “exactly out where it causes us so afraid to arrive. Nothing was given to me here on this living room sofa, which aims to show you how strong the attachment to your comfort can be the sofa that has a as, as a pretext to maintain your safety and avoid going through anxieties and fear.

[00:25:08] is it otherwise to say that I do not mean this couch as a physical space, if not to that psychological concept, that is always the perfect excuse. Not to do, not to risk, not to grow. And sometimes lastly, not to live, not to live” 

[00:25:24] Pepe: sometimes 

[00:25:26] Chris: that’s exactly what you’re talking about, and that is extremely powerful, like that.

[00:25:31] That could have been the entire interview right there. I could have just read that one paragraph but then, then we wouldn’t. Then we wouldn’t have a, an opportunity to drink coffee and get, get to the 

[00:25:40] Pepe: no, no, no, just, I mean, it’s, is it true sometimes, 

[00:25:44] Chris: but isn’t that true with everything? Like. Whether you’re a photographer or a baker or a dancer or a musician, it’s not gonna happen on your couch.

[00:25:54] Exactly. You have to, you have to put your ass out there in the world. Exactly. And go for it and get criticized, and then experience the, the jubilation that you got from taking that shot. . 

[00:26:06] Pepe: Yeah. I, I think it’s, it’s the best way for, for find a nice moment for find a for find. Satisfaction. I mean, it is just, it just go out there.

[00:26:19] I mean, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s very easy for us just waiting in the house or for something, but if you never risk out there, you never find something. So yeah, if you never risk it, you never find the best way is that? Yes. Is that one. I like it. I like to much when I make a plan and I go, oh, with all my friends, you know?

[00:26:42] Yeah. With this photographers crew and you go and try, maybe in the plan is not, it’s not a sophist divide of plan, but it’s it’s a simple plan. Mm-hmm and you can find. All of things out there, you know? Yeah. So, so basically, basically it’s all of that. Just, just go, go outside for us. The photographers is just go outside and, and take the photos for this.

[00:27:06] For this next month. We was, for example, we, we have a plan. We, we will try to take the Milky way with the behind on the PI on the Pima, you know, with the water and, and so. So it’s just a plan. Just go and, and, and just trying to find the shoe that I, that you have in your mind, 

[00:27:23] Chris: in your head mm-hmm . So for those listening, Pilo is the mountain here in Loretto.

[00:27:27] And you, you were talking about shooting the Milky way with the silhouette of Pilo and the water behind it, the water, the. 

[00:27:34] Pepe: That’s my, that’s my image right now here in my head. So 

[00:27:37] Chris: Pilo is one of my favorite places in the world. Yeah. There’s something that draws me to that mountain that’s I ride my bike every Sunday up to Santa Avie because that mountain there’s just something about that, that, that whole entire road.

[00:27:50] But so I’m gonna try this next question in Spanish, you know, are there days when you still feel uncertain about your work, like after reaching the mountain, right? Your best photo in the world You know, ideas in

[00:28:06] Pepe: to always, always, always serious. You are never well, in my case, I don’t know how to say, but it’s always, always, I I’m just, I just watch watching, you know, in the social networks, in, in magazines, in whatever you want follows of. These different professional photographers, you know, and, and always I say to myself, I need to be much better at this one because this guy is very nice.

[00:28:36] He’s very good. So when you say that you are, you are, you are making up. Back step. Yes. And always comparing yourself to comparing yourself, someone as yourself. Yes. Yes. So, so for me, every day, when I saw different photos in, you know, in the social network with different photographers, always, I say, I need to be much better because I.

[00:29:00] Because I think it’s not a really nice word that I, that I have, you know, so yes, E E every day, but that’s, that’s nice. And that’s word for, for me, because motivation. Yeah. Motivation. You, you need to go inspiration, you know, just go and try it again, try it again and try it again and, and find different, different things.

[00:29:21] But the only thing with this question, Chris it’s when I have this stress in my head, About these photos. Oh, I need to be much better than these guys. Every time when I go to, to, to say photos, I go just because it’s for me, you know, I do, I need to do I need to do this, but just for me know, for other people.

[00:29:45] So if I like the sunset follow the great way or, or whatever, It is, it is a nice photo for me. If I like it. I’m done with that, you know? Yeah. So, 

[00:30:00] Chris: I mean, that’s, that’s the center, right? Is you have to, all we have is the work. All we can do is the work. And so if you are not happy with it, then. That’s your judge, right?

[00:30:12] Yeah. The co compare the comparison trap. I talk about that in the, the very first episode of this podcast, the reason I didn’t start a podcast was because there are over a million podcasts out there in the universe. When I read that statistic, I said, why am I gonna, why am I gonna start a show? Yeah, sure.

[00:30:29] So if you start to compare yourself, you never do anything. As you say out. You never go out there, but as the photographer that you’ve become you, you are that guy now that somebody is looking a magazine. Yeah. And saying, I need to be that guy. Have you thought about that somewhere in the world? Some kid is looking at your photograph possibly right now on your Instagram while we’re talking.

[00:30:57] They’re mm-hmm, looking at your photograph of that gray whale. Yeah, 

[00:31:01] Pepe: I think about. And a lot of time, but I didn’t know exactly it is happening, but but I’m sure maybe. Maybe it’s happening. 

[00:31:09] Chris: And I mean, you can’t get caught up on that, right? You, we don’t, you can’t, you can’t sit around and think how great you are.

[00:31:14] None of us wanna sit around and too our own horns and tell us how, how great we are. But as a different perspective, just from someone at the end of the table here telling you that your photo’s you’re selected as one of the greatest photos in the world this year. So 

[00:31:29] Pepe: maybe you’re right. You know, go ahead.

[00:31:31] I’m sorry. Yeah, yeah, no, no, maybe you’re right. Because when I was in. In my town, one guy, young guy, he came to me and, and he told me, Hey, are you the guy with the photo, with the, with the gray wear? And I told, yes, I am. Oh man, please gimme your sign. Oh, that’s beautiful. Me. Yes. You already happy? Yes, that’s and I was very surprised because it was a, you know, I understand when I put all my, you know, all, all my.

[00:32:00] Achievements in, you know, in, in, in my social network words, mm-hmm and sometimes my friends, you know, friend of mine, they came, Hey, congrat man. Yeah. Yeah. But when you find a complete stranger, completely strange guy yeah. Came to you. Yeah. And say, you are this guy, you are the photographer. And I was very, I was very excited, you know, because.

[00:32:24] One guy that I don’t know, never saw in my life exactly. Just came to me and he told me, Hey, thank you so much. And, and I am fine, you know? Yeah. And I was very happy because okay. . Yeah. I mean, I was just without words, you know, because I was just completely in shock, so yes, you’re right. Maybe there are, there are people that are, are seeing right now and being inspired by your work and inspiring from my world.

[00:32:51] Yeah. So maybe that’s a beautiful thing. And, and I would like just to have that idea here and, and I hope so. I’m not sure. Yeah, but with this guy, it was a, it was a surprise. So that’s cool. So maybe. If we go back to your question. Yes. Every day I feel like I need to be much better, much better, but I doing this for me.

[00:33:13] And if I like it, I still doing, I mean, 

[00:33:16] Chris: that’s all that matters. That’s how the most, that’s all that matters is what you that’s the most important. Yes. Because if you love it, the chances are exactly your standards are so high that others are gonna resonate with. And then there’s that work that you do, that you do, that you love, that people don’t resonate with and that’s just part of it.

[00:33:30] Yes. That’s just part of it. So what are you working on now that excites you still working 

[00:33:35] Pepe: still planning? Yeah. Still everything planning that shot with Pilo. Yes, we have. I would like, yes, I have my mind. I was thinking something with the moon and with the wave, you know, I would like to put the moon with a tail away over the sea, on the wheel tail.

[00:33:53] And you know, the moon back, the background moon, it was gonna. Amazing. But I’m still working on that and go with the crew and say photos. Yeah, 

[00:34:03] Chris: because you make films and you’re, you’re a filmmaker as well, videographer and stuff. So this is you. You’re just keeping it rolling right now. Yes. 

[00:34:10] Pepe: You just keep it rolling.

[00:34:11] Keeping, keeping, working. I mean, it’s, it’s the most important. Yeah. You never, you will, if you stop right now, you disappear. Yeah. Just that, because the photographers we are very. These are careers. So if we don’t make more and more and more and more and more, you will disappear. So for that reason, I I’m trying to, you know, to, to stay here in the in this digital world, the 

[00:34:39] Chris: digital content, content creation 

[00:34:41] Pepe: world, where it’s every day.

[00:34:42] Exactly. Every for that reason, we are. We still working on that. So I, maybe, I, I mean, you cannot stop it, right. Not knowing this world right now. Yeah. 

[00:34:53] Chris: Where is the best place for people to find your work Instagram or 

[00:34:56] Pepe: Facebook? Okay. Well, I have a different social network That means social network is Instagram.

[00:35:01] Yeah. You can, you can find me like a cha cha, C H a E I R E S. So it’s more easy for, for the people just finding Instagram right now. Instagram is like at the top, you know? Yeah. On Facebook. I have a private account, but there’s some. But I have another one that is just cha. So, so you can find, you can find me there on Facebook and then you’re, 

[00:35:25] Chris: you’re you’re at K drone film.com 

[00:35:28] Pepe: company.com.

[00:35:29] It’s my, my website. So if you wanna know something about. I work or, or get what I touch with you 

[00:35:34] Chris: for, yeah, exactly. Cool. First I wanna say thank you for your time, but I want to end with another, a little bit more from that piece that you posted on Facebook. You, you cool with that? If I share that too if it was from the continuation of 

[00:35:45] Pepe: sure.

[00:35:45] Whatever you want, you take your time, Chris. You’re amazing with this project. I mean, thank you so much to you because it was it’s perfect. I mean, I never thought that you have all this production here, so, so, so congrats for that. I mean, thanks. I like it. And I enjoying the, the, the talk. So me, me too. Yeah, me too.

[00:36:04] You take your time. Don’t worry for the time we have time. And the most important is that we are the owners. Without time, you know? Yeah. So, yeah, that’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a nice project and, and congrats for, 

[00:36:17] Chris: for this. Oh man. Well, I’m, I’m thrilled that you took the time to sit down with me cuz I was really excited about talking to you about just other things.

[00:36:26] It your process and, and what you, when you reach the pinnacle of having a photo picked for the best in the world, the validation that it gives you, because a lot of artists work and work and work, and sometimes they just only work for themselves, which is fine because at the end of the day, It’s all, like you said about pleasing ourselves with our work, but to have the validation that you have for this photo that was recognized the world over as one of the greatest photos, I think that’s amazing.

[00:36:58] And I’m glad that you too, in a modest way, as, as modest as we can be say that you, you recognize the quality of that photo. That that makes me happy. And I think you’re inspiring a lot of people, a lot of people. Thank you. Yeah, I think with the photos, all of the photos, the team Mexico did were astonishing.

[00:37:18] And, and I think it’s an inspiration just to see what can be done on a global level. Mm-hmm . And so thank you again. And I want to end with this paragraph, which I absolutely love. It’s a continuation of the paragraph I read earlier, but out there is where the magic is out there is where you connect, where you find yourself, where the satisfaction.

[00:37:39] Where we’re not stuck, go out there. And once you’re out there, as the song would say, look around, listen to yourself and repeat, welcome wherever you are. I was proud to represent an honor, Mexico in the world. Cup of photography, a cup that had to visit Mexican lands, not as headquarters, but as recognition and a symbol of triumph, talent, quality, and teamwork.

[00:38:02] Being a world cup champion has an exceptional power, which comes from your perseverance, your hard Dayday, which also comes from accepting your defeats from being idealistic and above all an exceptional power to be a dreamer. You may 

[00:38:18] Pepe: shine. Yes. Paul Rosas. KOAs Paul Rosa, like a powerful thing. 

[00:38:24] Chris: Powerful things.

[00:38:24] Mm-hmm yeah. 

[00:38:25] Pepe: So is there a word for stuff? No. Yeah, well, no. Not too much, not, not too much, but I mean, when I was writing this, writing this task, 

[00:38:38] Chris: to me, that’s a love letter to the universe saying thank you for, yeah. For everything rewarding me for putting my fears out there. Mm-hmm . You 

[00:38:46] Pepe: agree? Yes, I agree.

[00:38:48] And I was, when I was greeting this, this, these test, this, this, these lines, I was very excited because I didn’t know completely how, how I was feeling because I was thinking I am right now in this beautiful patient that started like a hobby, you know, the, the photography now. I’m I am the, the. The world champion, you know, and I was, and I was thinking, I can’t believe it.

[00:39:16] It’s just, it’s just something incredible, you know, because I never do it for that. When I started with the photos, I never, I never started because I was thinking I would like to be the championship or I would like to be a famous photographer or something. No, never. I started to follow just because I like it because I was because it was a patient, you know, it was, it was a nice escape for escape from, from my stress mm-hmm or, or for yeah.

[00:39:49] Whatever, whatever you want, you know, so, and when I was writing this, I was. Saying, thank you so much to the universe because it was perfect for me. All of this all of these things that are happening right now. So I’m very, very, very satisfied with this. I’m very proud for, for my. Mexican team. Yeah.

[00:40:10] You know, mm-hmm because we was a team, so I’m very happy with all my family that was support supporting to me all these years. Yeah. Everything. It was a perfect, perfect team, you know? Yeah. Excellent. So for, no, thank you. Thank you to you for inviting me in this nice project. I’m very proud for you. Yes. And thank you so much for, for doing this for the people that sometimes we don’t know.

[00:40:37] Sometimes we need it. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Talk about this is very comfortable, peaceful, you know, talk yeah. Talk and just talking about this and making a connection. Yeah, exactly. So thank you so much for that. I appreciate it. 

[00:40:54] Chris: It Boosto SMU. pleasure was all mine. 

[00:40:57] Pepe: Thank you, brother. Well, you never talk in Spanish, so I, I 

[00:41:02] Chris: polka P no, 

[00:41:06] Pepe: okay for other people that you don’t know.

[00:41:08] Maybe next time. we would go with Chris to the sea and we would try to record the sounds. Oh, okay. The way it sounds. 

[00:41:16] Chris: So, yeah. Yeah. That’s a teaser. We’ll maybe get in a boat and go out and some we’ll go out and take a drones and take their mobile recording gear and get some whale sounds 

[00:41:25] Pepe: that would, I promise to you, we would go to the outside that 

[00:41:28] Chris: out there.

[00:41:28] Phenomenal. 

[00:41:29] Pepe: That would be off. And we would record, you know, this wave sound. So the microphone is coming so. Waiting for that fish tacos, tacos, fish tacos, just fish tacos. I don’t like too much Sevi, but the fish tacos. Yes. Fish tacos, 

[00:41:44] Chris: tacos.

[00:41:47] Pepe: I promise work was the one and excellent. Okay. GRA thank you so much. 

[00:42:00] Chris: Hey, thanks for listening. If you like what you hear and jump over to the mind, unset.com and get on the email list. Follow us on your favorite podcast app and on Instagram at the mind unset podcast. Next week, episode nine, it’s a solo episode.

[00:42:14] This one, this one, put me through the ringer. Do you remember the movie Ghostbusters? The famous, choose your destroyer scene, where the guys are on the rooftop towards the end, told by a supernatural voice that their thoughts will decide what form the destroyer comes in. Bill Mary’s character is screaming.

[00:42:32] Don’t think nobody think, and almost immediately the ominous voice says the choice has been made. Everyone’s yelling. They’re confused. The camera pans to Dan Aroy as he. I couldn’t help myself the form of destruction, a 100 foot tall state puff. Marshmallow man. Well, my state puff marshmallow man is this episode nine.

[00:42:58] There’s a lot to unpack in that one. So come back next week. And until that time be nice. Ooh, good stuff.


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