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Join host Chris DiCroce each week as he and guests unravel the internal dialogue that keeps us stuck creatively, personally, and professionally.

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Sometimes we need a little lift. Let’s talk about moving forward. Let’s talk about the magical stuff.

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Season 2 Coming Soon


Thanks for riding along for Season 1. A special thanks to our supporters and sponsors. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Season 2 kicks off Wednesday, November 2 and I hope you join us. 

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Ok friends, you know what I’m gonna say now. 

Until next time… be nice and do good stuff. 

Melody DiCroce - thriving as an introvert on The Mind Unset Podcast, Strong Coffee Strong Women
Melody DiCroce - thriving as an introvert on The Mind Unset Podcast, Strong Coffee Strong Women

014: That’s a Wrap


In this episode, I talk about my guests, and why some solo episodes were the way they were. I answer a few listener questions and end with one of my favorite songs.

14 weeks ago I was freaking out. We had been prepping for about a year and were about to go live with Episode 1. 

I had no idea what was going to happen. But the goal was simple. Make positive art and be in a different place at the end than I was at the beginning. 

As Rumi wrote, the path rarely appears until you start walking. 

We can always delay our transformation by telling ourselves things like I’m not ready, I don’t have the right equipment, the right guests… 

But I believe ready is an illusion. You’re never really ready. There will always be distractions and detours to test your commitment. But those tests aren’t always about exposing your weakness, they can also expose strengths.